Ashley Anderson

Born in southern Connecticut, Ashley has been  passionate about teaching for over 9 years. Originally focused in Ballet, Ashley discovered Hip-Hop music at the age of 14 and began training all over CT with her new found movement style and was signed with MSA talent agency at 16 years old. At 20, she began training in New York City at Broadway Dance Center, joining the first ever "Professional Semester" and training with teachers including Sheryl Murakami, Rhapsody James and Luam. She was given scholarships from these programs including being a nominee at Monsters of Hip Hop. Ashley lived in Los Angeles in 2016 where she furthered her knowledge and experience, working closely with Hip-Hop masters like Lando Wilkins, Jeka Jane and Joesar Alva. Most recently she was awarded CT's "Choreographer of the Year". Ashley is truly excited and humbled to be able to work so closely with Connecticuts young talent and hopes to build a strong foundation in dance and self with each one.