Summer Dancing

Should My Child Continue Dancing Over the Summer?

Ahh, summer! Those sweet, sweet words! As summer nears, you can sense it in your kids – an exciting change is about to take place. No more homework, no more walking in a straight line in the hallways at school, no more sitting at a desk for hours upon end, reading logs are a thing of the past, goodbye 6 am wake ups! For you, no more racing from school to piano practice, to after school sports. Everyone is excited for a little break…and then you hear those dreaded words, “I’m bored!”

Summer Dance Classes to the Rescue!

Dance classes don’t have to end just because it is summer! Allegra Dance Greenwich offers a variety of ways to keep your child moving this summer! Whether you are looking for an all day camp, half-day camp, or just one class per day, Allegra offers something to suit your needs! Traveling and busy families have the flexibility of choosing whether to attend the entire camp session, one week or even one day!

Boredom isn’t the only reason why your child should try summer dance camp. There are many benefits to dancing over the summer

·         trying out different styles of dance that they may not get to do during the busy school year

·          building lasting friendships

·         getting ahead of the game

·         gaining self-confidence

·         keeping fit

… just to name a few.

Choosing the Perfect Summer Dance Camp

There are a plethora of options out there when it comes to dance camps- so how do you know which would be the perfect fit for your child?

Offerings – take a look at what the camp offers and the structure of the program. Will your child beg you to go daily, or will you have to force them? Will they be trying things that they haven’t had the opportunity to try? Allegra Dance Greenwich features a summer dance camp where students are able to try many genres of dance which will improve their technique so that they are able to successfully do any kind of dance. We also provide students with classes in acro dance and musical theater (no previous experience with these genres are required!), set and costume design – all of which are important aspects of putting on a great performance.

Schedule – if you travel a lot during the summer, you will need a program that is flexible; one that works around your travel schedule. Allegra understands that this is a reality and offers full day camps, half day camps, evening and weekend classes – all of which can be done one day at a time, or do the entire session! It is completely up to you and your schedule.

Camp Philosophy – What is the studio’s philosophy? Is this is good match for your child’s temperament? What experience do you want your child to gain? Our goal at Allegra Dance is to ignite a love of dance that stays with the student even after they have graduated from high school. We aim to foster well rounded dancers who dance for the joy of it, join a dance team in college or even go on to dance professionally. We support the individual goals of each student – whether they are a novice dancer or have been taking classes for many years.

Allegra has systematic programs in each genre of dance which guides students from beginner all the way to advanced students. Students can enter Allegra at any level and progress through at their own pace.

Dancers get to experience a wide variety of dance styles which they may not be able to take during the year. Many dancers find that they fall in love with another style of dance during the summer and add it to their fall schedules.

Students build lasting friendships through a shared love of dance and through sharing experiences. In dance, you often show your otherwise guarded emotions on the dance floor; this helps to connect students on a deeper level. They help each other through difficult steps, and cheer each other on when they have made progress. This carries into their lives outside of the studio.

Dancing during the summer helps students maintain what they have learned during the year, build upon that and help them to make great strides in a shorter period of time. It is the perfect time for someone who is just starting a new style of dance!

Gaining confidence, both in dance and outside of the studio, is an added benefit to summer camp. Setting and attaining personal goals in the studio lead to greater self-confidence.

Staying physically and mentally fit is an added benefit to dancing over the summer. Many kids plop themselves in front of a screen and stay there for hours to pass the time – missing out on the personal connections and physical benefits dancing provides.

Allegra Summer Dance Camp is an amazing way to combat boredom, for one, but more importantly, to build lifelong memories and experiences for children and to ignite a passion for dance.