Dance Can Help Students Get Into College

Can Dance Help Students get into College?

As our seniors continue to receive college acceptance letters for the Fall, we reflect on the role that the many hours in the dance studio plays in helping them achieve their college goals. We are noticing college conversations happening earlier and earlier. Juniors were once the ones who talked about college plans; we are now hearing freshmen worrying about the college process.

Many students feel that they have to give up something they love, like dance, in order to pack their schedules with AP courses. These conversations have prompted us to do some research.

Dancing Can Help You Get Into College

Great news! Doing what you love can help you get into college! Colleges look for students who have made a commitment to something; they value the longevity of the commitment as well as the depth of the dedication. Dance is an amazing way to show leadership skills – from assisting in classes, organizing fundraisers for the studio, to being a role model to other students.


College acceptance committees look for students who stand out because of their dedication to something they are passionate about. Rather than dabble in several different activities, focus on one or two and really make a difference in those areas. Colleges value students who stick to these one or two activities – showing true dedication and commitment, rather than someone who jumps from one activity to another. Having a passion and personal connection to the activity is key- don’t participate in an activity because you “have to,” do it because you truly want to.


The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.” – Ray Kroc

Colleges look for students who work themselves up to leadership roles – having a leadership role demonstrates that you can manage a group, be a good role model, and get things done.  This can separate you from someone who gets placed on the wait-list.


Make yourself more desirable to colleges by maintaining balance in your life: someone who demonstrates that they can do well in school as well as participate in extracurricular activities. Even if you are not planning on majoring in dance in college or on pursuing a career in the dance field, showing that you are deeply committed to something outside of school work is beneficial.

So parents, if you are beginning to think about how the next few years are going to influence your child’s college career, supporting their passion for dance is a way to make sure they stand out on those applications!


by Emily Isidori (MS Education)