What is Pre Pointe?

What is Pre-Pointe Class?  

Congratulations! Your hard work has paid off- you are ready to begin pre-pointe!

Now, what can I expect?

Good ballet instructors ensure that students are properly prepared, both mentally and physically, before beginning pointe work. Preparation can come in the form of a pre-pointe class which Allegra breaks into three parts: Resistance Band exercises, Barre exercises and Center exercises. 

Pre-pointe is done bare foot for resistance band work and in flat ballet shoes for the barre and center.

Most students can expect to be in pre-pointe for at least one year before advancing to pointe shoes (please note that promotion depends on the individual students’ progress and development).

Resistance Band Work

Resistance band work specifically targets the muscles in the feet, core, and upper body to ensure that students are strong enough for pointe work.

Here are a few of the exercises that will be done in the pre pointe class with the resistance band:

·         Pointe and flex

·         Winging and Sickling

·         Roundabouts

·         Toe Sits Ups

·         Turn Outs

·         Resistance band scrunches

·         Biceps and Triceps

·         Seated Row

It is essential to not only strengthen the legs and feet, but the core as well.

Barre Work

Barre work explicitly works on strengthening the feet and making sure that the student focuses on correct alignment of the core, legs and feet. Working slowly and methodically helps the teacher identify and correct problems before students advance.

·         Releves in parallel with the “pinky” ball

·         Plies and grande plies

·         Releves in sixth, first and second positions

·         Plie releves- both feet and single foot

·         Slow tendus – manipulating the foot

·         Foot progressions


Center and Across the Floor

Students will continue working on exercises done at the barre in the center and across the floor. Pre-pointe classes move at a slower rate than a ballet technique class. Students need to focus on applying corrections given at the barre in the center and maintain proper alignment throughout.

Students are informally evaluated throughout the course of the year and a more formal evaluation will be given at the end of each semester. Students will then be told if they have been promoted to pointe shoes or if they need to remain in the pre-pointe class.

Pre-pointe is an exciting and important step on the journey toward pointe shoes. Enjoy tWhe journey!

“Dancing, the balance between body and mind!” - Annabella

Written by Emily Isidori and Carrie Page