Performance Companies

Our company classes offer dancers an opportunity to further their dance education. Dancers are invited to join one of Allegra’s elite performing companies, performing throughout the community and out of town several times per year.


Junior Jazz Company

Students who are interested in more than just taking a class and who enjoy learning the art of Performance will be invited to join Allegra's Junior Jazz Company. We not only focus on Jazz technique but also learn choreography and rehearse for local benefit performances throughout the year.

Teen Jazz Company

Members of Allegra Dance's jazz companies are required to study both ballet and Jazz. They understand that ballet is the basis for all techniques and continue to make ballet a part of their studies. Students in this company focus on an intermediate/advanced level of jazz technique. The company member believe that pushing oneself to higher goals will make a better dancer. Jazz Company includes the study of Lyrical Jazz, Funky Jazz and Broadway Style.

Teen II Jazz Company

The prerequisite to the advanced Jazz Company is membership in Teen Company and Teen II Company.  Each Dancer is unique in his or her needs as a student and performer and at Allegra many Performing Company options are available so we can fit the need of each student properly.

Senior Jazz Company

A select group of advanced Allegra Dance students will be invited to join the company and perform throughout the tri-state area during the year. Two classical ballet classes and one jazz technique class are required. Upon graduation, Dancer's in this company will partake in a featured performance piece during the end of the season concert held at the Stamford Palace. The Allegra Community rallies by this high achievement and honors the graduating student.

Junior Ballet Elite

Members of this company have had several years of Ballet training and show interest in furthering their studies of Classical Ballet on an Intermediate/Advanced level, including the study of Pointe. This company is a place for the student that is serious about dance and wants to learn more and have the opportunity to perform often. Junior Ballet is the stepping stone to becoming part of our more advanced companies. 

Senior Ballet Elite

Members are students who have committed themselves to the study Ballet up to five classes weekly. Senior Ballet Elite Company is Allegra's Advanced performing Ballet company. Members of Senior Ballet Elite Company have been trained in Ballet technique for several years and have been on pointe in class and in performances for more than three years. Students have the option to also combine other styles into their training including Jazz, Modern and Hip Hop. Focusing on performance skills and many shows throughout the year keep the company dancers busy enjoying their craft.

Allegra XPLOSION HipHop Company

Students invited into Allegra's youngest Hip Hop company show interest in excelling in Hip Hop at a young age. We not only focus on the Hip Hop Style of dance but also focus on all the aspects of being a great overall performer

Junior + Senior Hip Hop Company

Students invited to perform as company members have shown a uniqueness in "bringing the funk". Shyness set aside, the attitude of "look what I can do" raises the interest in being a good performer. Musically, they are able to transport different rhythms in a song into movement. Hip Hop technique is required as well as stamina and drive to communicate the intensity of Hip Hop Dance through serious performance.

Kids Tap Company

Students who are invited into this company are students that show a talent in tap dance at a young age. Each member has the ability to hear and copy intricate rhythm patterns in addition to demonstrating proper technique. Tap dance demands a serious focus, concentration and skill set.   We applaud the young dancer who commits to this style of dance and is willing to perform throughout the area.

Teen + Senior Tap Companies

Dancers learn advanced tap skills and new choreographies which will be performed during the year. Allegra Dance's tap companies allow the experienced tap dancer an opportunity to experiment with not only classic and basic tap skills but provides a forum to interject Hip Hop, Jazz and Broadway styles using many different types of music. These companies perform on a regular basis through out the year and allow the Tap Dancer to not only enhance his or her skills with cutting edge style but to perfect their performing skills