Frequently Asked Questions

How do you decide which class my child will be in?

Prior to coming to take a class, we ask your child’s previous dance experience. They are then placed in a current class for evaluation purposes – this class is complimentary. From this trial, our staff will direct you to the appropriate class for your child.

Current students are evaluated over the course of the semester, and students are placed in the appropriate classes.

Can I watch the class?

We have closed circuit video cameras in each studio and a television in the lobby so that parents can view classes without distracting the dancers. 

Can my child try a class before registering?

Students are encouraged to try a class before registering for the entire semester. This way, we can place them in the most appropriate class and they can see if the class is a good fit for them.

What should my child wear to class?

Ballet: pink tights, leveled leotard (each level has a different color), ballet skirt (optional),  pink ballet shoes with elastics sewn.

Jazz: leotard (any color), jazz pants or leggings, jazz shoes.

Modern: leotard (any color), leggings or tights, bare feet or foot undies.

Tap: leotard or tank top,  leggings, tap shoes.

Hip Hop: tank top, leggings or jazz pants (no shorts), sneakers.

Acro Dance: leotard or tank top, leggings or tights (no Shorts), bare feet.

Where do I get the correct clothes and shoes?

Dance attire can be purchased at Beam on Barre in Greenwich, CT or online at Discount

What should be in my child’s dance bag?

Dance clothes and shoes for the style of dance they are doing; hair ties; hair pins and hair nets (for ballet); sewing kit; nut free snack; and water.

What age can my child start dancing?

Your child can begin taking dance lessons at Allegra at 2 ½ years.

What is the difference between a Class Member and Company Member?

We work with every dancer at Allegra to meet their individual goals – whether that is improving technique, learning different styles of dance, dancing for fun, joining a dance team in high school or college, or eventually joining a dance company. For the students who wants to take classes and work on their technique, we have a once a year performance opportunity. For the student who wants to further their dance education, they are invited to join one of Allegra’s performing companies. Performing companies are invited to perform throughout the community and out of town several times per year

What do you do with a shy child?

It is extremely important to us that each child feel comfortable at our studio. We will have the child meet the teacher before the class and meet the other children in the class. They may also be introduced to a “buddy” who will show them the ropes – this helps them to get more comfortable with their fellow students and with the class.

If my child misses a class, can they make it up?

Yes, if a child misses a class in the Fall Semester, they are encouraged to make it up in another class of that style and level.

My child does not want me to leave the classroom, how do you deal with that?

We want our students to feel confident and independent in our classes. You can feel free to express your child’s concern with the teacher. Our teachers have a variety of ways to handle this situation – from having the child be the special helper, to having a buddy student.

Do you accept boys?

All our classes are co-ed – with the exception of Pointe technique.

How many shows do you do during a year?

Ballet students participate in the Nutcracker in December; we have a Lower School Recital in May and an Upper School Recital in June. Company members have frequent performance opportunities throughout the year.

I am an adult who has never taken dance classes before, can I start now?

Absolutely, we believe that it is never too late to start dancing!

Is it important that my child attends all the classes in the semester?

Dance is a progressive art – where each class builds upon the last. While each student is unique and progresses at their own rate; students are taught steps which build upon each other. Frequently missing classes puts students at a disadvantage. For this reason, if a child has to miss a class, we ask them to make it up as soon as possible in a class of a similar level.

What should I do if my child needs to miss a class or has to be a little late?

Please call or email us to let us know if your child has to miss a class or is going to be late. If your child is going to be late, we ask that they do a warm up before entering the class – if they jump right into the class, they risk getting injured. Classes begin with a warm up, which progressively prepares the muscles and heart rate for the rest of the class.

How do you do a ballet bun?

We have a great video to demonstrate how to do a great ballet bun!

Click here to watch the Bun Tutorial!

How should my child wear their hair for dance class?

Ballet – ballet bun for all classes

Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Modern – a neat ponytail