Words of Appreciation

There's been a "Buzz" surrounding Allegra Dance for over 40 years, whether it's backstage, in the studio, on the street, or in the press. When you enter the studio at Allegra Dance Greenwich for the first time, you can't help but feel a wave of inspiration from the generations of dancers who've studied there before. The air is filled with an energy of dedication, team work, and creative spirit. Allegra Dance has turned out professional Dancers, Artistic Directors, and Artists, as well as accomplished Attorney's, CEO's, Business Owners, and Moms. This page is a dedication to Allegra Dance, and the foundation of discipline and limitless potential that propels it's students into life. Below are words of appreciation from Allegra students who have gone on to do great things, but will always remember where the spark for it all began. 


"I was there from the beginning of Allegra Dance Studio. It was a home for me, always a place to come back to, no matter how far I strayed. I always felt loved there. Also, during my years at Allegra I developed the teaching skills that have made me successful today. It's an amazing place, with amazing people!"

Betsy Ceva // Co-Director, Birtchwood Center {Yoga} 




"I started dancing at Allegra at age 7 and continued through high school. At 25 I moved away and opened my own dance studio which is now in it's 20th year! Thank you to Claudia for giving me a strong technical foundation and a love for dance that has lasted a lifetime. I could not have succeeded in life without Allegra!"

Heather Nielsen Conway // Director, Armonk Dance




Alexe Nowakowski // Executive Director, CityDance Ensemble






"I took my first dance class with Claudia when I was 15. I was a member of the first Allegra Company and can say for certain that Claudia instilled in me a true love of dance.  When I went on to dance in college at Sarah Lawrence College, I stood out, and was noticed because I was so joyful about what I was doing and engaged in it in such a heartfelt way.  This I owe to my years with Allegra.  Today, at 57 I still am in a modern dance improvisation collective called Moving Arts Collaborative and I do many other kinds of dance as well. I also am a Physician’s Assistant in Ob/Gyn and have my own business as a Health Coach.

Dede Farnsworth // PA-C | Certified Health Coach


"Being part of the Allegra Dance Company meant everything to me. I was fortunate to have Claudia take me under her wing.  She became my mentor as well as my second mother and Allegra became my family.  Dancing was the place where I was safe and felt loved during those trying years of adolescence.  Allegra gave me strength, taught me perseverance, loyalty and discipline.  Thank you so much Claudia for sharing your joy of dance.  You are forever in my heart.  XO"

Amy Cypiot Russack // Graduate, The Juilliard School of Dance 



People often tell me I must have missed out as a child, not having played a sport and being part of a "team".  I quickly correct them. There wasn't a better team to be a part of than the extended family I grew up with at Allegra. We spent our days together learning strength, discipline, encouragement, and confidence. I chose my profession based on the skills I learned at the studio. A favorite song lyric of mine is, "did you envy all the dancers who had all the nerve" (Crosby, Stills & Nash).  Looking back at the fearless group of girls we were, we certainly did have all the nerve. 

Jennifer Ferguson Moffat // Certified Personal Trainer + Group Fitness Instructo



"Family! Allegra was my second home and my extended family."

Alison Ballou // Producer at Bergdorf Goodman





"I started my first dance class at Allegra at the age of 6 and knew right away that this is where I wanted to be. As a teenager, Allegra gave me an opportunity to shine and be good at something at a time when I was clouded with self doubt and insecurity.  I can attribute so many of my skills as a working artist to the lessons that I learned while studying at Allegra Dance. I'm so thrilled to be back in the studio again at Allegra and dancing again with some of my oldest friends!"

Erin Frano LaFavor // Owner, Foosie Design LLC



"As a child growing up, dance was EVERYTHING, from when I was 6 all the way up to leaving for college.  Allegra was a second home and the instructors helped to mold me into the hard-working and successful professional I am today.  And now, my love of dance has come full circle!  Who would have thought I would be back at the studio in my thirties, reunited with some of the best friends I have ever had."

Krista Catalano-Pietrafeso // Special Projects Manager, Deloitte



"I started dancing at Allegra when I was 9 years old and I haven't left since!  I've been lucky to have made many lifelong friends at Allegra whom I continue to dance with today.  Claudia taught me the self-discipline that has made me successful in all aspects of my life and I will forever be grateful to her."

Nicole Giordano Riordan // Law Office of Nicole Riordan, Esq.




"Allegra gave me a voice when I didn’t have one, a way to express my emotions, my pain and my joy. It taught me responsibility, commitment and sacrifice. Because of my years at Allegra I have become a confident and expressive adult. The confidence to know that if I work hard and put my mind to it I can accomplish anything, the ability to stand up for myself and know that I am worth it is the most amazing gift that I have been given.

Sarah Skidmore // Paralegal, Hodges & Coxe, P.C.



"When I think about Allegra, a few words come to mind... family, happiness, strength, love, and joy!  I began dancing at Allegra when I was around the age of 7.  With much dedication, and instruction from incredibly talented teachers, my passion for dance grew.  Over the many years of classes and performances, I learned so much.  Allegra has taught me so many things about dance and about myself, and I feel truly blessed that I had the opportunity to grow up dancing there."

Lauren Ferraro // Diane James Home


"Working at Allegra Dance Studio helped advance my teaching and choreography skill set.  I learned many great things about studio management during my time at Allegra.  Allegra Dance studio is the best dance studio in Greenwich."

Amin Jai // Choreographer, Dancer, Theater Artist, Sound Designer